Psalm 23 ~ The Lord is my Shepherd

David pictures the Lord in his most beautiful song of trust as the Great Shepherd who provides and protects His sheep.

Reading these verses we see the Lord Jesus as the Shepherd of His people. We are as lambs growing into adult sheep. Looking verse by verse:

  1. A shepherd is a guide, protector and constant companion.
  2. Trusting we can lie down in contentment and rest. Quiet waters, inlets or ponds, where rest and refreshment can be found. The soul is restored through provision of food and water.
  3. God’s leading is always in paths that are right in His eyes and honors His Holy Name.
  4. The Shepherd protects his sheep with his rod which is used to fight off wild beasts and straying sheep with his staff or crook.
  5. As a gracious host, God provides all that we need. Anoint? A courtesy shown guests at a banquet making one feel special and over-flowing within.
  6. David sees himself not merely as a guest for a day but as a recipient of God’s love. The house of the Lord is the place where we find God.
When I read or hear the 23rd Psalm I say, “The Lord is MY Shepherd.”

You may also want to look at these scriptures to top off your day: John 10:11-16; Hebrews 13:20; 1 Peter 5:4 and Revelation 7:17.

Written by Kathleen (KP) Souder