Leaders Must Be Servants

Take a moment to think of three people you consider to be great leaders. What qualities do these people share that you believe aides them in leadership?

The interesting thing about every leader in the Bible is that God didn’t call them to lead.  He called them to serve, and then He promised to do the rest. He didn’t call them leaders; He called them servants. Through their service and devotion to God and to their people, they became the type of men and women others wanted to be led by.

As we see in the bible, Jesus Christ led by example. He showed the disciples the act of service by healing the blind, feeding the thousands, curing the sick and lame, and even by washing the disciples’ feet.

Read John 13: 12-17

In this passage, Jesus, The Son of God, has just washed the disciples’ feet proving that NO ONE is too big to humble themselves and serve. After proving this fact to the disciples, He goes on to tell them, “I have set you an example that you should do as I have done for you” (John 13: 15). The Lord makes his expectations clear in many parts of the Bible.

Read Mark 10:42-45

…..Okay, now actually read it, because it’s both relevant and important!

Christ makes it very clear to us in this passage that his expectation of each of us is not to be served, but to serve. He even goes on to say that, “For even the Son of Man (Jesus) did not come to be served, but to serve” (Mark 10: 45). He calls us to serve one another! How easy it must be to lead when put in front of crowds or given authority, but as Christians, God calls us to lead by example through service as Christ did.

Do you think that you are “too good to serve”? How can you humble yourself to serve others?

As you will see this week, there are many examples of servant leaders, some of which you might not see as much throughout the day, but be sure to thank them. For example, the people you see in the kitchens serving you your meals have been there since before you woke up. They have been preparing your meals and will be there late washing the dishes and prepping for the next day. They are a true example of what it means to serve, and you should thank them for their service.  Also, as you go through your week and are asked to sweep floors, clean toilets, or even set up and tear down chairs and tables, remember that your act of service shows leadership. When your peers look at you, do they see someone who thinks he or she is “too good to serve” or complains about helping out, or do they see an example of someone who serves with a grateful heart?

Written by Tatiana Crawford for Teen Camp 2017