August Church of Christ (ACOC or ACOCWV) ~ Name of our church and we sometimes add WV for West Virginia since there are other churches with the same name around the country.
The Point ~ Name for the family life center/gymnasium area of our building.
Heaven Bound Kidz (HBK) ~ Title of our children’s program.
Wee Ones Worship (WOW) ~ Worship for preschool children.
Kids Awesome Praise (KAP) ~ Worship for school aged children.
God’s Faithful Beacons (GFB) ~ A special discipleship group for 5th graders to help prepare for transition from the children program to the teen program.
3D ~ Title of our middle and high school student ministry program.
Bible Bowl ~ A group of kids from 3rd to 12th grade who choose to compete in Bible memorization.
Discipleship Group (D-Group) ~ Small discipleship groups for teens led by an adult mentor.
Teen Service Leaders (TSL) ~ A group of teens who complete service projects.
Journey ~ Title of our adult ministry program.
Senior Saints ~ Senior adults who join together for service projects and fellowship.